Brazilian Cultural Festival Dublin 2017  (Event Page, Tickets Page)

12-14 of May 2017

Colourful and energetic start to the summer 2017!! Come to warm up your body and embark on the sunny season.

Exclusive opportunity to dance original Brazilian dances to the exotic rhythms of drums and other traditional musical instruments. Relax your mind and let your body move to the captivating music.

Ever wondered what all the colourful costumes and dancing steps were at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio? Join the dancers, learn about the traditions they represent and let the music flow through your veins.

What is on offer:

  • Selection from the huge number of dances danced around Brazil! Carnival dances, warrior dances, solo, partner, simple, challenging, traditional, modern, sure you will find one (or more) fit for YOU!! No excuses.
  • Capoeira! Up for a little more challenge? Here you go, martial art disguised in dance. Several capoeira workshops, whether you are a pro or just want to try for the first time, come and join in. We have experienced instructors to cater for all levels. Each class is as unique as each of our wonderful instructors!
  • Music, music, music, that what the Brazil is about! Apart from moving your body we will be singing, clapping our hands and playing musical instruments. In Brazil, all goes hand in hand together. Not a pro? Doubting your ability? Fear not, this event is for everyone, right place to try what you haven’t yet!!
  • Food!! After all that sweating be sure to grab something yummy and Brazilian, of course! Try new tastes or find your bellowed food you remember from your holiday.
  • Famous Trio Timba from Brazil!! Authentic Forró LIVE band coming over just for the festival. Be sure to join a Forró lesson beforehand, so you can completely enjoy the fun!
  • You can be sure to meet many happy and sunny people. Brazilians or not, experienced dancers or just fans, young or old, we all dance and play together and enjoy the day! Meet your friends or find new friendships. Let’s share the space and learn from each other.

And the BEST news? That the event is truly for everybody. Family and children friendly event! So go to the program page and pick what you would like to do.

Stay tuned! Axé!

Capoeira Festival 2017.




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