CECAB Ireland

Our aim is to work on behalf of Capoeira in direction in which we all grow together; as well to unite our resources for a better evolution of the arts and the culture in the world. The unity is what is leading us to the better place.

We are working with Capoeira and its aspects in artistic presentations, projects of social responsibility, sportive and cultural events.

We are located in Dublin, Ireland and our mother group is present in various countries around Europe and in Latin America.

We are coming together to all who are looking for the energy of peace and love, establishing a work that will bring prosperity, success and harmony to us all.

Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber has as one of the scopes to organize cultural projects which aim to research the history of Afro-Brazilian culture and to divulge it through the artistic presentations. Through these presentations, CECAB aims to present the Brazilian culture and its origins, providing a better understanding of these to the international public.