Capoeira, ‘Brazilian battle dance’, national sport and part of Brazilian folklore is taught in schools, creches, universites, social projects and private health clubs all around the world in recent decades.

Capoeira is one of the best all-round strength, flexibility and aerobic exercise systems! It gives all the muscle groups of the body vigorous workout. A person gains well-integrated, coordinated musculature, optimal aerobic capacity, and lean, mean cat-like strength and flexibility.

Capoeira is fun to play and learn with the music, which is an inherent element of Capoeira art.

Come and try with us the dynamic Capoeira class, full of fun, effective workout, percussion, music and self defence taught by professional teacher with many years of experience in teaching kids and adults.

Everyone is welcome to our classes! Capoeira is for everybody, regardless age, sex or fitness level.

We offer you the 1st Class free. Come along, do not miss the opportunity to try this unique art.