First Class

Many people would like to try Capoeira, however they have doubts about their ability and many questions. However the best way to get answer to the questions is to come along to one of our classes.

The most usual doubt is: ‘I am not sure if I am able…..’. Seeing wonderful acrobatic movements and fast kicks and sweeps may create an impression of something impossible for any beginner. But all of great masters were once beginners and many good students which you can see performing cart wheels and handstands were not able to put the weight of their body on their hands and lift their feet at the first class. You may feel lost at the first class as the movements you are trying to perform are totally different to the ones you are using in your day to day life and the ones you and your body are used to. The day after some of the first classes you may feel pain in the muscles you wouldn’t say you have in your body. But this is just because Capoeira use muscles in the body which are not usually used. This is very good from fitness point of view. You get complete toning of your body without even noticing the hard work.

Any beginning and learning of new thing in life requires attention and step by step approach. No one of us learned alphabet or writing overnight and we spent a lot of hours at school trying to write the same word again and again. The same it is with Capoeira. You may feel not good enough as the other students at the class, but you should realize, that the other students practice Capoeira for couple of years and they have actually learned the same way as you, step by step. There are always other fellow beginners at the class and the atmosphere at the class is welcoming. You are teached and your movements supervised by professional instructor who will explain any of your doubts and has an experience of many years teaching beginners.

There is a very famous say in Capoeira world and you can hear it very often from the mouths of famous mestres: ‘Quem nunca caiu não é Capoeira’ which means the person who has never fallen down is not a real Capoeira player and it is connected to the other famous say: ‘se ele cai, ele volta a jogar’ if he falls down he comes back to play, he stand up and continues to play. Capoeira is for children, men or women so stop to worry, come along and give it a try.