Documentary: History of Colonial Brazil

Documentary: History of Colonial Brazil

In connection to answer the question where the capoeira is coming from we need to study the history of Brazil. History of Brazil and Capoeira are closely connected.

Brazil:  An Inconvenient History is a documentary dedicated to the colonial past of Brazil, created in 2000 by Phil Grabsky, for the BBC/History Channel. It has earned a Gold Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival in 2001. There have been many changes in Brazil in recent years, however the history remains as it was, making this documentary interesting piece to watch for the studies of capoeira.

Portugal, Brazil and various African nations were responsible for the biggest forced emigration in the history of the humanity. While everyone knows of the history of slavery in the USA, few people realize that Brazil was actually the largest participant in the slave trade. Forty per cent of all slaves that survived the Atlantic crossing were destined for Brazil. At one time half of the population of Brazil were slaves.

This well- researched BBC production charts Brazil’s history using original texts, letters, accounts and decrees. From these original sources, we learn first-hand about the brutality of the slave traders and slave owners, and the hardship of the slave life. Historians Joao Jose Reis, Cya Teixeira, Marilene Rosa Da Silva, anthropologist Peter Fry, and others recount the effect of centuries of slavery on Brazil today. This is an important documentary for history of Black people, Africa and Latin American studies.

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