Dublin Radio Live: Capoeira, Ginga that Conquered the World!

Dublin Radio Live: Capoeira, Ginga that Conquered the World!

April 18, 2012, at 6.30pm (Dublin Time) and the 14:30(Brasilia Time) live on Near FM 90,3 begun the program “SambaBoys Show” with Kelly Tavolassi and Rodrigo Moura, bringing CAPOEIRA, Ginga that Conquered the World! The program could be listened to also on the website www.radiosambaboys.com.

They interviewed special guests, Brazilian Francisco “Mamãozinho”, and his students Matilda “Beleza” from Slovakia and Dagna “Dandara” from Poland. Do not miss the interview, read below and listen to the recording.


In this program the guest was a capoeira teacher Graduado Mamãozinho who for some years presents the art of capoeira to the people in Ireland, having organized also a festival in 2012. Beyond the origins of the sport, dance or art, as you would call it, Mamãozinho also speaks about the new projects, about the foreign reception and the practice in the sport. If you missed the interview or want to hear it once again, click the link to SambaBoys webpage below and listen…


The Radio SambaBoys is an on-line 24 hours radio that has the objective to make a connection between Brazil and the Brazilians living abroad. Directed and produced by Aroldo Oliveira, their mission is to bring information, humor, culture that interest the Brazilians who are far from home or adopted a foreign country as a new place for life.

The selection of music gives preference to the quality songs that are nearly never played by the commercial radios. While surfing the internet, checking your messages or talking to your friends, what about to listen to a program with “best quality music”?  Feel all welcome!

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