Festival Tribos, Berimbaus e Tambores 2012

Festival Tribos, Berimbaus e Tambores 2012

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In Fortaleza they are already heating the drums for the Festival Tribos 2012. They are organizing themselves for preparation of a very nice party as this is a special year! We are going to celebrate the 10 years of existence and work of CECAB, an institution that comes through the years to the excellence for the quality and responsibility of its activities.  A lot of things happened during these 10 years and we want to share our conquests and achievements with all our friends and partners.

Also we are going to celebrate an important date in the life of the Mestre Ratto, our dear president and founder of the CECAB, who is completing 30 years of experience in capoeira. A hard-working man and dreamer, who does not stop for a minute, building ideals and shaping people.

As you can see, this year do not lack motives for us to commemorate!!!

Oh!  And we are not going to forget that this is the 5th year that the festival Tribos, Berimbaus e Tambores takes place, a moment to meet again our friends, create new friendships, study and learn about the origins of Brazil and of course play a lot capoeira!!

And yet that is not all!! We choose to work with “North-eastern” theme during the whole festival in commemoration to the centenary of the much-missed Luiz Gonzaga, the king of the baião! Eita, this party is going to be good!

The International Festival of Capoeira and Traditions of African Origins is carried out annually by the Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber – CECAB, under the supervision of the Mestre Ratto, with the objective to promote the culture of african origins. The programming of the festival is well diversified, with numbers of lectures, debates, workshops, fairs, expositions, movie projections, cultural presentations, shows and several other activities, all related to the capoeira and the black culture. The Festival takes place in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. This year the dates are 23 – 29 July.

The link below takes you to the blog which is the main tool of broadcasting the information about the festival.  Stay connected!


This is the official poster for 2012:


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