“Iê Viva Capoeira!” Festival Update

Please, find the latest updates to the weekend program. We have added for you the Samba class and yummy Brazilian food*! Both not to be missed, especially Acaraje from Bahia ;). Plus all weekend workshops, capoeira rodas, shows and street capoeira. See you later 😉

“Iê Viva Capoeira!” General Festival Info Here.

See the invite from our students ;).

Read about the festival in Yeah! Student Magazine.

What is Acaraje?

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Friday 15/04/2016

5pm Registration and event set up

6pm Conversation with Invited Mestres

7 pm Capoeira Music Class with traditional capoeira songs

8pm Opening Capoeira Roda


Saturday 16/04/2016

9am Registration and event set up

10am Maculele

10.30 am Capoeira class – Capoeira Techniques with Mestre Ratto

12am Capoeira Roda & Samba Class

12.30 Break

1pm Capoeira Class – Capoeira Fundamentals of Cecab School with Formado Marcelo

2pm Percussion Class with Estagiario Peixinho

2.45pm Short Break

3pm Capoeira Show, Troca de Corda

4pm Dinner – Authentic Brazilian Acaraje!*



12am Capoeira Roda

12.30am Capoeira class Mestre Ratto

1.15pm Short break

1.30pm Capoeira Music Class – Songs

2pm Percussion Class (Banda de Lata) with Estagiario Peixinho

3pm Capoeira Show, Troca de Corda

4pm Dinner Together – Authentic Brazilian Acaraje!*


Sunday 17/04/2016

11am Puxada de Rede (Dance)

11.30am Capoeira Class with Mestre Ratto

12.30pm Capoeira Roda

1pm Capoeira Class – Acrobatics with Formado Marcelo

2pm Frevo Dance

2.30pm Capoeira Roda**



11am Puxada de Rede (Dance)

11.30am Capoeira class with Instructor Goiaba

12.30am Break

1pm Capoeira Musical Instruments

2pm Frevo Dance

2.30pm Capoeira Roda**


Important Information:

*Food is not included in the event fees. The food tickets will be at sale through the day. Please, use cash. Saturday Lunch Break – Brazilian snacks and pastries (coixinha, bolo de milho etc.). Saturday Dinner – Authentic Brazilian Acaraje from Bahia. There is no food planned for Sunday, please, bring your own snacks.

**In good weather Sunday last capoeira roda will be outside on the street at 3pm and additional dance class will be added at 2.30 in the hall.

Timetable can be subject to change.

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