III. Festival of Capoeira Água de Beber Ireland “Iê Viva Meu Brasil!”

III. Festival of Capoeira Água de Beber Ireland “Iê Viva Meu Brasil!”

Our traditional Dublin festival of capoeira and Brazilian culture for children and adults is coming soon. You can be looking forward to lot of capoeira, dances, art, fun and talk. You will meet capoeira friends from all over Europe and Brazil. Our students will receive their graduations.

This year main theme is Brazil as the homeland of capoeira. The subtitle is “Iê Viva Mãe Natureza!”, stressing the importance of nature in our lives and our responsibility for its protection. Every year together with fantastic capoeira and dances, we bring to you Brazilian food. In the past events, you could taste acarajé, feijõada, salgados or churrasco. This year you can be looking forward to açaí and tapioca. Yummy!!

Hope to see you there our dear friends.

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Friday 28/03 – Raw Gym

5:30 pm Opening
6:00 pm Songwriting
8:00 pm Opening Capoeira Roda
9:00 pm Samba Roda

Saturday 29/03 – Dance House Ireland

09:30 am Opening
10:00 am Coco Dance, Maculelê and Puxada de Rede (adults and children with parents)
11:00 am Adults Capoeira Class
11:00 am Kids Painting Capoeira
12:00 pm Adults Capoeira Class
12:00 pm Kids Capoeira Class
13:00 pm Capoeira Roda, Kids Batizado and Graduations
14:00 pm Inauguration of “Açaí da Capoeira”
14:00 pm Presentation of Capoeira Trip around Brazil by Instrutor Est. Mamãozinho and Est. Beleza
15:00 pm Street Capoeira Roda at Spire*

Sunday 30/03 – Gloucester Street Sports Centre

10:30 am Street Capoeira Roda* (place agreed on Saturday) Musical Walk
12:00 pm Capoeira Class
13:00 pm Capoeira Musical Instruments Class
13:00 pm Kids Musical Class – Making your own instrument
14:00 pm Capoeira Acrobatics Class Adults
14:00 pm Kids Capoeira Class
15:00 pm Capoeira Roda, Adults Batizado and Graduations

* Street rodas will not take place in rainy weather.

Underlined – main activities for children

Participating teachers:

Capoeira Água de Beber: Instrutor Estagiário Goiaba (Portugal), Instrutor Estagiário Simon (Netherlands)
Professor Bolha (CapoeiraArts, Netherlands)
Professor Testa (Capoeira Nação Pernambuco, Kerry)
Professor Galera (Capoeira Candeias, Bandon)
Instrutor Curioso (Capoeira Camará, Cork)
Graduado Surubim (Biriba Brasil, Limerick)
Graduada Manga Rosa (Esc. de Capoeira Málaga, Dublin)
Graduado Chá Mate (Capoeira Gerais, Dublin)


Friday: Raw Gym, 7 South Richmond Street, Portobello, Dublin 2 (Parking at gym)
Saturday: Dance House Ireland, Foley Street, Dublin 1 (Connolly Station)
Sunday: Gloucester Street Sports Centre, 21-22 Gloucester Street South, Dublin 2 (Tara Street Station)


Children €35 (parents free)
Adults €50 (all graduations)
IEA Students: €20


All capoeira students and graduados, please wear the capoeira uniform of your school for the festival. Public and new students, wear loose clothes and white t-shit for the activities.

Bring coconut shells on Saturday if you have some.

Parents: For Sunday’s activity “creating musical instruments” – We will use recycled items. Please, can children bring any of the below you have at home.

*cardboard rolls (from toilet paper, kitchen foil, kitchen towel, etc)
*plastic or metal buckets, tins, cans (with no sharp edges! – for safety) like used food containers, formula cans, coffee cans, ice cream buckets etc
*small plastic bottles, plastic milk jugs
*plastic or metal bottle caps
*handful of small stones, seeds, dry beans, chick peas, rice, shells, beads, dried macaroni, buttons etc.
*sticks – old wooden kitchen utensils, pencils, etc etc etc (your own ideas)

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