Pictures from Women in Capoeira Dublin

Pictures from Women in Capoeira Dublin

Posting couple of pictures from our Women in Capoeira meeting held in September. We have had a great time!

There have been great rodas, and thanks to the great September weather in Dublin, couple of them were on the street. One of them on Grafton Street at the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and another one at the Dublin Docklands. We had walked through Grafton Street while playing capoeira music. It was great fun!

Estagiarias from Cecab Europe shared their knowledge with us at the classes and we have learned and practised new movements and combinations. We have talked about a women in capoeira, her presence, influence and challenges she faces. We have made dolls from cloths, wonderful handcraft based on African tradition.

We have taken some time off capoeira and presented the Irish culture to participants coming from abroad. We had great class with instructor of Irish Dancing and all together we have danced and danced and had a lot of laugh as the Irish Dancing is not easy at all!

After the whole day of classes and fun Mamaozinho has prepared for us famous Acai drink/smoothie! And for lunch we have had the real Brazilian “Feijoada”.

There was a great atmosphere and good humour through event. We were all tired after the three days full of classes and rodas, but when it was over we were left with feeling we wanted more. Hopefully this energy will keep up to the next year, when we plan to meet again and have a great weekend focused on women in our lovely sport called capoeira.


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