Program of II International Festival of Capoeira Cecab Ireland

Capoeira Classes by: Mestre Ratto – Cecab, Mestre Maxwel – Ilê de Capoeira, Mestre Piau – Candeias, Contra-Mestre Galinha – Aruê, Contra-Mestre Lagartija – Escola Málaga, Dani – Naçao Zumbí Capoeira Angola

Dance Classes by: Instrutor Mamãozinho – Cecab, Extagiário Peixinho – Cecab



08 February 2013

Where: Raw Condition Gym, 7 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2 map

Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

5:00pm – Registration

5:30pm – Debate with Mestres

7:00pm – Welcome Roda and Presentation of Participants

After: Dinner in Cafe Brazil (over bridge at Grand Canal)

Parking: Yes – gym car park

Public Transport: Luas Tram Green Line – Hartcourt Stop; Buses from O’Connell Street (SPIRE): 122(Abbey St), 9(Citizens Info), 16(Cathedral St.), 140(Talbot St), 44(Cathal Br.), from D’Olier St(HEINEKEN): 83, 83a, 142, 61, from Connolly Station/Tara St Dart: 14, 15, from College Green(Hawkins St.): 68(Suffolk St.), 68a(Suffolk St.), 65 (Trinity Col.), 65b(Trinity Col.) – ask driver to tell you once at/close to Portobello or South Richmond Street

Walking: cca 30 minutes from Liffey River



09 February 2013

Where: Gloucester Street Sports & Recreation Centre, 21 – 22 Gloucester Street South, Dublin 2 map

Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

10:00am – Samba de Roda

10:30am – Capoeira

11:30am – Capoeira Music & Instruments

12:30pm – Roda

1:00pm – Break

1:30pm – Frevo Dance

2:00pm – Capoeira

3:30pm – Batizado & Troca de Corda (Graduation)

4:30pm – Roda for All

After: Dublin Capoeira Market & Brazilian Dinner at International Education Academy, 41 Lower Dominic Street, Dublin 1 map

Parking: Yes – on the street (paid in front of the gym, free around the school)

Public Transport: DART Train – Tara Street Station

Walking: cca 15 minutes, follow Liffey River from O’Connell Bridge to Docklands on right side, at RBS turn right, first turn left



10 February 2013

Where: Kilbarrack Community Hall, (Greendale Boxing Club), Greendale Road, Kilbarrack, Dublin 5 map

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

10:00am – Maculelê

10:30am – Capoeira

12:30pm – Break

1:00pm – Axe & Afro Dance

1:30pm – Capoeira

2:30pm – Roda

After: Dublin Brazilian Carnaval 2013 in D|Two, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 map

Parking: Yes – shopping centre car park

Public Transport: DART Train – Kilbarrack Station (we will take DART from Connolly Station map)

Walking: N/A


Student’s Sleeping Place

International Education Academy, 41 Lower Dominic Street, Dublin 1 map

(Friday & Saturday Night – Sleeping Bag/Air Bed needed)


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