Roda of Capoeira in Dublin

Roda of Capoeira in Dublin

Regular monthly roda of capoeira in Ireland, every last Sunday in month play in the only regular capoeira roda in Dublin!

Capoeira Cecab Ireland have been organizing the roda over a year, together with Nação Zumbí Capoeira Angola. We are keeping to the tradition of regular meetings of capoeiristas common in Brazil. We start with traditional angola, later we play some capoeira regional and we usually close with samba de roda.

Roda of Capoeira is the most important thing of capoeira organization. We train capoeira to be able to play in capoeira roda, we learn many things watching and playing in roda, we play the game with our colleagues and we play the instruments and sing capoeira songs. Roda is where you show your game, where you see your level and where you make new friends. We meet to have a great time, to play good capoeira and to respect each other and each other’s level of capoeira skills. Anybody with the same attitude is more than welcome to join and play with us. If you are new to capoeira, feel free to come and watch, it is definitely something worth to see. You can see various levels of capoeira players, high skilled teachers or beginning students to play. We have fun, we sing together and play various musical instruments. You may as well learn some Portuguese coming along.

Sometimes the date of the roda may change, please keep in touch with our Facebook group to get up to date information. As well depending on the Irish weather we try to make most of the sunny days and have the roda outdoors, so keep yourself up to date on the venues, too.

Next roda – month of May – is taking place this Sunday. See the picture below for details.

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May 2012 Roda


April 2012 Roda

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