Summer Workshop in Poland

Summer Workshop in Poland

Summary from the 1st Summer Workshop of Capoeira Água de Beber Poland

Despite of its name, 1st Summer Workshop of Centro Cultural Capoeira Água de Beber, took place in spring, on 4 and 5 June. In beautiful and large, however not air-conditioned gymnasium of ‘Elektryk’ Włoclawek we have got the second opportunity to improve our capoeira. This time it was Graduado Mamãozinho who answered to the invitation for the Workshop, staying these days in Ireland.

Before the workshop the roda took place on the Plac Grodzki Square. The weather was favourable, and therefore we had an opportunity to show our skills to quite broad public. After that, a bit sun-tanned by sun rays we moved straight on to the workshop.

To the delight of the male part of capoeiristas, a lady was helping to lead the workshop – Estagiária Beleza, which came together with Mamãozinho. How was our surprise once it showed that except of English and Portuguese she understands our ‘Nadwiślański‘ dialect (through many studied people called Polish language ;P)! We discovered that in veins of Beleza runs blood of Slavs – she is Slovak. Fortunately she found herself well in the middle of Brazilian rhythms.

Together with Mamãozinho, they showed us some traditional dances coming from Brazil: forró, axé, coco and of course samba de roda. In return to the tropical rhythms, we – polish capoeiristas, have presented a piece of Slavic culture at the workshop – we danced …… Poloneza.

As usual on the workshops we trained capoeira techniques as well, of which we than used in roda. Thanks to them, some of us got some new bruises ;P. Maculelê was not missed out either, and through the music class we discovered some new musical talents.

It looks like Graduado Mamãozinho enjoyed the ‘Nadwiślańska’ mentality and we will receive him probably soon in our simple gymnasium on the next workshop of CECAB.



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